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Left out?

De locksmith Antwerp is always there for you. Have you locked yourself out in Antwerp, has your key broken off, have you lost your keys or do you need a good lock?

When you need a locksmith, Antwerp Locksmith is quickly at your door. On average we are on site within 25 minutes. Even if you have smart locks or electric locks, Antwerp Locksmith will be able to help you!

Contact the Antwerp Locksmith immediately, because a problem with your lock is annoying enough. And being locked out for a long time is totally annoying.


Broken key? Call the locksmith of the Province of Antwerp!

Broken key?

Call the locksmith of the Province of Antwerp!

It can happen to anyone: you are in a hurry, doing two things at the same time or you are not paying attention.
You want to open or close the door, apply too much force and your key breaks.


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Who are the Antwerp Locksmiths?

Locksmith Services

Replace locks? Call your Antwerp locksmith!

If your lock is broken, call us immediately! We can replace locks for a new one or see if the lock can still be saved. The locksmith in Antwerp!

Approved Locksmith Antwerp Day and Night

We can with our Locksmith Antwerp  24 hour service always install safe locks. We are available day and night via the telephone number on this page.

We always supply the best locks so that your locks and hinges are completely safe and up-to-date.

We employ our own mechanics and are a certified locksmith. All our locksmiths use certified locks from the police quality mark safe living.

Within the world of locksmiths, unfortunately, a number of scammers are active, who abuse the situation when people are looking for an emergency lock service.

We are an extremely cheap locksmith in Antwerp who replace your lock for a fair price. We can always give you a quote in advance, so that you are not faced with surprises.

Locksmith in Antwerp Province for good locks

Not just for a broken lock you can contact us, even if you would like other locks on your house, you have come to the right place.
Are your current locks outdated? We always have a professional solution and the best safe locks.

Whatever type of locks you are looking for, the only real locksmith in Antwerp always has the A-brand locks so that you keep uninvited guests out!
Together we can do a burglary prevention, we are happy to check your home with you to see which locks can be replaced, or where there are still points of attention.

Antwerp locksmith is ready for you with a professional team

At the local locksmith of the Province of Antwerp we have a large team of enthusiastic locksmiths, who are always ready to give your locks the attention they deserve. New locks, opening a lock or another lock service? We are ready.

All our locksmiths are certified and reliable, making us the best locksmith in Antwerp.
With our customer-friendly and helpful employees, we are happy to soften the somewhat annoying reason for our arrival.

How does our emergency service work?

Locksmith Antwerp

Call us

We are available 24/7, call us so that our locksmith can come by right away!

Professional Advice

You will receive professional advice on what not to do until the locksmith arrives.

Meet the Locksmith

Meet our talented locksmith who will quickly fix or repair your lock!

The best service

Enjoy our service and cheap prices, with us you are safe and secure!

Safe new locks: advice from the locksmith

The lock market is very innovative and in recent years much has been renewed and much safer locks have been developed.

Locks with an anti core pull fitting

Take, for example, an anti-core pull fitting, which offers extra protection against burglars.
These locks have an outer shield and an inner shield, so that the cylinder is completely enclosed with metal.

Core pulling is still common in outdated locks. Burglars screw a screw into the lock, after which they simply pull the cylinder out of the lock and open the door. The locksmith in Antwerp helps you easily with the installation!

With the anti-core pull fitting you are better protected, this form of breaking in is no longer possible!

Installing a multi-point lock: keep burglars out!

Placing a multi-point lock is also good security for your home.
A multi-point lock ensures that the door is locked at several points.
Often these are three points: at the lock itself, but also one above and one at the bottom of the door.

You remember it from the past, or there is a good chance that you still have such a door:
with one lock for the key, and two separate cuts to better seal it from the inside.

This is safe, but not optimal. You have to perform three actions, and you can also not operate the top and bottom clip from the outside. When a child or pet accidentally locks it, you are suddenly locked out.

The multi-point lock closes the door at all these points in one operation.
So don't think about it anymore, and still feel safe!

A new rim lock via the Antwerp Locksmith

In a characteristic house you will often find a front door with a rim lock.
With a rim lock, part of the lock is on the door, and the other on the frame next to the door.

The counterpart of the rim lock is a mortise lock.
Due to the characteristic character of homes, and therefore also the old doors,
it is often decided to have a new rim lock installed when the old lock no longer functions properly.

Obviously we are the best locksmith in Antwerp Center who can help you with that.
For a safe new rim lock or more information about the options for locks, please contact us.

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Call the locksmith from Antwerp: your reliable locksmith

De locksmith in Antwerp can solve this for you.
We will open your door if possible without damage and at a fixed rate. No matter how long or short we are busy, locking yourself out is easily solved.
We are the reliable locksmith in the Antwerp region that ensures that you can get back in quickly. We get every door open.

When you call us, we are always on site as soon as possible. Lost keys or locked yourself out? Lost key?
On average we are on location within 20-30 minutes, during the weekend and in the evenings we are almost always within 20 minutes!

So if you lock yourself out you can count on the expert help from the locksmith of the Antwerp region.

An experienced locksmith Antwerp Center with the police quality mark safe living.
We will always do everything we can to open your door without damage and if necessary renew the locks for good burglar-proof locks.

We can also repair burglary damage, and if you have lost your keys, we are also the locksmith in Antwerp that you are looking for.

Play video about Locksmith-Antwerp-Tips-Against-Burglars

Nice to know!

Quick Tips & Tricks

Don't be naive, close the windows and doors when you leave your home. Even if you're just going to do some shopping, a break-in only needs to take 2-3 minutes!

A fence is often used as a staircase, with a container or a bicycle an attachment piece is made to get over the fence! Preferably put up a flat fence. 

The best hinges and locks are worth every euro! Our locksmith in Antwerp exclusively uses certified locks to prevent break-ins. Be well prepared and also secure your back door, when your house is empty after a holiday you are guaranteed to have more damage than a lock which is slightly more expensive than a regular lock.

Keep burglars out in Antwerp!

Prevention is better than cure, so we would like to give some tips to prevent a burglary and thus the annoying burglary damage.

  • Don't post your vacation plans on social media. It is tempting, you would like to show the whole world in which paradise you have arrived,
    but burglars like to read along. So wait until you get home to share your beautiful holiday snaps.

  • Make yourself at home while enjoying your holiday: have a neighbor or an acquaintance take care of your garden, pick up the mail from the letterbox and set some lights on timers so that a light is regularly lit in the house. Do you have smart bulbs? You can easily set up a routine there, so that at least one lamp is switched on every day.

  • Make sure you have the right locks: with good hinges and locks, the average burglar is less likely to make an attempt and ignore your house.

  • Use cameras or an alarm system; This obviously makes your house less attractive to burglars.

  • Keep your keys separate from your address and do not attach a card with your address to your keys. What if you lose your keys, someone with evil in the sense immediately knows where to go.

  • It sounds simple but is often forgotten: always close your doors properly. Lock them, even if you're only going to be gone for a short while.


Locksmith Antwerp costs

Whatever job you need us for, we always give a price in advance. That way you know what to take into account. Of course you can also make an extra key!

The reasons for changing locks can vary widely, and the price tag always depends on the complete package.
You can always contact us without obligation and we will be happy to tell you more about what is possible and what the costs are.

Frequently asked questions to the locksmith in Antwerp

If you have lost a key, it may have fallen into the wrong hands. It is therefore very important that you have your lock replaced as soon as possible.

Call us and we will be at your door quickly to place a new lock. An additional advantage is that you are immediately provided with the latest and safest locks.

Our locksmith will make sure you can sleep in peace again! We make Antwerp a little safer every day.

A broken key is very annoying, it is often difficult to get out.

We always prefer to open all doors without damage, so we will first try to see if your lock can be saved. If this is not the case, the locksmith will replace the lock with a new one.

Our locksmiths are also there for you when you have locked yourself out. We always make sure that the door is not damaged, and in most cases we manage to open the door without changing the locks.

You can continue to use the keys that you left on the kitchen table inside! We charge a fixed price for opening doors, regardless of how long it takes us.

After all, you can always get locked out, when you live in Antwerp we can offer you very fair prices and replace your old locks if necessary.

We communicate these prices with you in advance, so that you are not faced with surprises and know for sure what the costs will be.
Our locksmith gets every door open!

A burglary is always annoying, just like the burglary damage that comes with it. Prevention is always better than cure, that's why we always offer the best locks for Antwerp. We are happy to make a quotation in advance for the replacement of the current hinges and locks.

We can then replace all your locks with certified safe locks.

New Locks

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Why use our service?

Available 24/7 for emergency assistance

Our reliable key and lock service within Antwerp is available 24/7 for both urgent and non-urgent services to your lock and/or door. Lock Broken?

Our professionalism plus the fact that we charge fair prices distinguish our services from the rest. This makes us a very suitable party to contact if you need help.

Fast reliable service

We are present within 25 minutes to get the job done in and around Antwerp.

Urgent Service

We are available 24/7 for emergency lock services, no extra charge.

Experienced Locksmiths

Our locksmiths are professionals one by one, educated and trained for this profession.

Not good? Money Back!

We offer an overall guarantee on the locks we install, right? You get your money back!

Consumers say the following:

Appreciated by everyone!

    Peter Dereksen
    Peter Dereksen

    to Antwerp

    The locksmith was there very quickly, after getting some advice from the friendly lad he told me that there was probably brute force used by a burglar as my lock was not hanging normally. We then went in together and found the damage, the same locksmith replaced all locks fairly quickly and also removed the burglary damage.


      Antwerp South

      We had accidentally locked ourselves out on Sunday afternoon with the key still locked on the inside of the door. A huge downer, because will you still manage to get back into your own house tonight? We had tried everything but in vain. The Antwerp locksmith solved everything pretty quickly, I didn't think it was expensive

      We only work with quality material from renowned manufacturers.

      Of course you have the legal 2 year warranty on all the equipment installed by us.

      24% discount

      DOM security cylinders


      36% discount

      DOM Diamant's Plus HIGH SECURITY